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Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Steelers Training Camp, The Dark Knight Rises, Other Stuff

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I won't be teeming with the huddled masses outside the local Googaplex 900 to watch The Dark Knight Rises this evening. Judging by the estimates of billions of dollars in ticket sales some are expecting for the last edition to the Batman series, at least some of you will be.

I don't blame you at all, I absolutely loved the first two movies, and I've been excited for the third for a long time.

Not a fan of crowds, though. Especially crowds filled with nerds. Not that I'm calling you a nerd, but you know one of Those Guys will be there in full costume, and they just make me uncomfortable.

So...has anyone seen it yet? I think I'm the only person who actually preferred the first one to the second (Heath Ledger made it an incredible movie, but take him out, there's too much melodrama and forced connection in the dialogue. The first one does a much better job of showing the story as opposed to telling it. Plus, Batman talks way too much in the second one, and no one likes that).

For those of us not seeing the movie, there is a Jonathan Scott Released party at Mr. John Stephens' place tonight. Actually it started yesterday afternoon, and while no one can currenty vouch for John's condition (word is he spent the night hooked up to an IV drip after excessive alcohol consumption), his house is still all good, so meet up there, post a comment or two and let Steeler Nation know what's good with your Friday.