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2012 BTSC Steelers Flag Football Fantasy Draft: Sixth Round Results

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The Steelers Fantasy Flag Football Draft figured to highlights lots of receivers, and it has through five rounds. Hines Ward, Lynn Swann John Stallworth and Mike Wallace have gone to this point, and Barnerburner grabs another one in Round 6.

Meanwhile, Neal Coolong and Tony DeFeo both go primary defensive players.

Starting with Coolong at the top of the round, he goes with the probably the best free safety in team history, Donnie Shell.

"I had my eye on him the whole way," Coolong said. "I see him as a roaming center field kind of guy, something you absolutely need when you're facing guys like Wallace and Stallworth. I need that defensive captain type, and I think Shell can bring that.

DeFeo makes it simple. He just goes out and draft probably the best Steelers player ever, "Mean" Joe Greene, giving him a formidable defense that will make things really difficult on opposing passers. Not that any selection of this man needs an explanation, but here's what Tony said.

"When I saw that Joe Greene, maybe the greatest Steeler of all time, was still available in the sixth round, I was more than happy to take him. Some might say that flag football has no place for a defensive tackle such as Mean Joe, but with his ability to consistently dominate the line of scrimmage and wind up in the other team's backfield, he'll be a very valuable member of my defense--disruptive is disruptive whether you're playing flag football or tackle.

"With Keisel, Lambert and Greene, I believe I have the most impressive front three in the league."

Barnerburner shows off his scouting prowess and managerial genius when he took Antonio Brown at the end of Round 6 - not far from where he was drafted by the Steelers. He also selected Carnell Lake in Round 2, and that was the basis of his selection of Brown.

"Let's go back to the Lake pick for a moment, because part of my explanation for coveting him was: 'There are only so many top-notch cover guys to go around. And only so many of them are good at teaching what they know.' I didn't expound on that thought at all, and as such I never fully explained how I thought "Lake should help the other guys that'll be playing with him.

"So here it is - I wanted Lake so I could conceivably have a guy who can properly teach my receivers some of the nuances of playing in coverage. Since this is a fantasy team, we're all picking players with the assumption that we're getting an ideal, best possible version of them. My ideal, best possible version of Lake takes the athletic abilities from his prime - probably around 1997 when he played so well that Peter King voted for him for league MVP (when Brett Favre and Barry Sanders actually tied for the award) - and combines that with the know-how that made him a revelation of a defensive backs coach this past season."

Team Neal

Ben Roethlisberger

Hines Ward

Mel Blount

Lynn Swann

Dermontti Dawson

Donnie Shell

Team Tony

Troy Polamalu

Brett Keisel

Terry Bradshaw

Mike Wallace

Jack Lambert

Joe Greene

Team Barner

Rod Woodson

Carnell Lake

Lawrence Timmons

Jack Ham

John Stallworth

Antonio Brown