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Football Outsiders: 'Antonio Brown Absolutely, Positively Should Have Been the No. 1 Prospect'

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We wrote a piece recently questioning Football Outsiders' lack of inclusion of Steelers WR Antonio Brown on their Top 25 Prospects list.

It apparently got their attention.

Football Outsiders' Editor-in-Chief Aarn Schatz wrote a piece in their Extra Points section pointing out Brown's omission, essentially admitting to not having realized Brown only had three career starts. he point we were making is it's understandable people would naturally think Brown, 69 catches and over 1,100 yards in 2011, was a starter.

The Steelers started in a running formation in nearly every game last year, and Hines Ward was a primary blocker. What is the value in starting? It's unclear, but what's obvious is Brown was more a part of the offense last season than Ward was.

The omission is understandable, and Schatz mentions the possibility of adjusting their criteria to factor in players like Brown.

He does point out, though, Brown "Antonio Brown absolutely, positively should have been the No. 1 prospect based on the current rules of the list. My apologies to Steelers fans."