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Jersey Rules Open Thread: Last Call for Nominations

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July 24 is National BTSC Jersey Day, and the Committee worked ahead this year, meaning, the 2012 Jersey Rules will be unveiled on Jersey Day for the first time since...I don't know. Maybe ever.

It's a year in flux, which is what caused multiple committee emergency meetings. The manufacturer's change from Reebok to Nike, the purging of several veteran players, the emergence of several young players, and a few others you'll have to wait for tomorrow for.

As Crash Davis said, "We're dealing with a lot of (stuff) here."

Not to worry, the Jersey Committee hammered out agreements on a few rules modifications, and have a strong framework of which Steelers jerseys are the ones to buy this season (FYI, WR Mike Wallace was No. 1 last year. My, how things change in one season).

We're going to highlight all of those modifications and present the Top 3, along with the No. 1 selection, Tuesday on Behind The Steel Curtain.

The Committee, however, is not above changing its mind at the 11th hour. Any suggestions? Here's the place to state your case. The rules are highlighted in the 2011 Jersey Rules column, but we'll answer any questions or concerns you may have.