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Steelers Training Camp Open Thread: And So It Begins


Training Camp opens in a manner of speaking today in Latrobe. While the session is closed to the public and involves the team's yearly conditioning tests, it's still the first day of live, active news.

So what if that news is almost entirely negative (i.e. Player X failed to complete his run, as opposed to Player Y took a total of five seconds off his time, showing his outstanding level of conditioning)? It's something to talk about, right?

That's where you come in.

We're finally here, we'll probably know some better stuff by tomorrow but in the meantime, what are you thinking about the season? Anyone planning on being at the first session open to the public? Anyone want to talk about the surprisingly (to outsiders) relevant Pittsburgh Pirates' moves leading up to the trade deadline? What about the Olympics?

Was Team Neal seriously not the Second-Greatest-Team-Ever-Assembled?

Let's go over it all. Anything and everything is on the table, so have at it, Steelers fans.