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Steelers Suspend Contract Negotiations With WR Mike Wallace

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It came as expected.

Steelers WR Mike Wallace wanted a long-term extension, and said he wasn't going to play for his $2.7 million tender offer from the team in restricted free agency.

The Steelers said they'd negotiate in good faith, provided Wallace signs his tender and participates in training camp.

Neither of those things appear to be happening today, as multiple sources are reporting Wallace has not signed either his tender or an extension, and he is not participating in today's conditioning test.

Let the stalemate begin.

There are a few scenarios that could play out of this. Wallace could sign his tender, get into camp and allow negotiations to continue. He could not sign it, and likely see the Steelers continue their lack of negotiation on a long-term deal. He could sign it and both sides could come to agreement on a long-term deal.

At this point, it's anyone's guess, but it's officially the time to begin viewing this team without its leading receiver until further notice.

That could last straight through Week 10, the last time Wallace can sign his tender, report to the team and still be credited with a season toward unrestricted free agency, which Wallace is set to hit next season.

We could go on, but at least now it's official, Wallace is not at training camp, and is a confirmed holdout.