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Training Camp Open Thread: Who is Kenny Stabler?

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A tweet came up in the comments of an earlier story, attributing James Harrison to a quote, "Who is Kenny Stabler?" that nearly had me on the ground.

I love the fact James Harrison cares little to nothing about anything other than his team and what he does. I'm sure Harrison will be ripped to high heaven for the atrocity of not knowing who a former Raiders quarterback is (he's in the news because he joined the recent Concussion Lawsuit Movement).

Tell me you aren't thinking right now how great it would have been to hear that live, and to have been a safe distance away when you started laughing in case Harrison found your reaction offensive.'s Day 1, although I still say today is the real camp opener. Guys running then going to meetings doesn't count.

I got some good humor today from a Vikings fan friend of mine who emailed me, with "You think Mike Wallace is going to be a distraction??" in the subject line, followed by "Freekin Brett Keisel showed up to camp in a tractor! Little did you know, Goodell recently instituted an anti-tractor movement, so Keisel will be suspended 6 games, but can be reduced to 4 for good non-farming behavior."

Ahhh...always a good one. Anyway, so what's going on, Steeler Nation? Speak your mind.