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Antonio Brown's Contract Extension Press Conference Quick and to the Point

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The soft-spoken but well-paid Antonio Brown met with the media for the first time since his five year contract extension was announced.

Steelers general manager pointed out quickly some of the reasons why the Steelers chose to extend the second-year player, something the Steelers have rarely done - if ever - in the past.

"Even in Antonio's rookie year, watching him practice, the way he practiced, how hard he practiced, and how many plays he made in practice, we thought he was going to have a great second year, which he did, and you look at that, you can only hope it continues, which we hope it will."

"Knowing I'm going to be around here for a long time, it's something special."

He said he didn't let anyone know he got the contract, which drew a laugh from the media in attendance, but he didn't expound on it, except to point out he's in training camp and he's focusing on that.

Not that it's about Mike Wallace, but Colbert pointed out the day was about Brown, and not Wallace. Colbert cut off any questions about Wallace, specifically, and Brown summed up his attitude right now.

"My focus right now is getting in great shape, getting prepared, playing preseason games and getting ready for the year."