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Behind The Steel Curtain on The Front Row Radio Show Sunday Night

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I was on with Cleveland-based radio host Shawn Bartczak of The Front Row last night in wake of the infamous Open Letter column to Steelers' minority owner Jimmy Haslem.

I jokingly asked Bartczak via Twitter if it was an ambush. He wouldn't have been the first Browns fan to give me grief about my stance on the issue. Turns out Bartczak is a very well-informed and good-natured fan, and we had a great conversation about the Steelers and the Browns, along with some history and insight behind the two teams.

One thing I walked away with with a sense of inferiority. He knows much more about the Steelers than I know about the Browns. I get the open invitation for jokes to that comment, but I like to consider myself informed on most every team in the NFL. It just goes to show, whether we like them or not, football fans in Cleveland are schooled in the game and the happenings around the league.

Either way, it was a fun, light-hearted conversation, and you should listen in.

Here's a link to the recording.