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Benstonium's 'Dark Knight Rises' Steelers 2012 Video Released

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The guys at Benstonium are getting geared up for the 2012 season in their particularly entertaining style. This time, it's a mash-up "Dark Knight Rises" trailer with highlights from the Steelers' 2011 season.

While it isn't a full-on highlight reel, it casts a quietly burning feeling of anticipation for the new season, which is perfect for August 1.

What makes these videos great is their ability to draw poignant moments from last year as a means to emotionally turn toward optimism; as if seeking revenge on the Denver Broncos is the main goal.

Certainly, it's one of the goals, and the sound bytes they choose in its production are perfectly placed and add to a wonderfully telling but short trailer-esque video.

These guys do great work, there's no doubt, and they've been friends with Behind The Steel Curtain for a long time. They're also active on Facebook and Twitter, so give 'em a follow.

Steeler Nation Rises | 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers / Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer (via hooper119)