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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Open Thread: Preparing for Arians Bowl Part I Edition


It's a big news day for the offensive backfield. Lots to go over in regards to fullbacks and tailbacks alike. A new tight end joins SteelerNation, and the path becomes clear for a few younger guys (Baron Batch, Chris Rainey, Jamie McCoy and David "His Name is Robert" Paulsen).

What else is going on?

We're going to talk defense very soon, I promise. A few modifications to our editorial process is slowing us down just a little bit, which digs into our Research and Development time here along the editorial desk, but we're going to have that squared away soon, and give us a chance to do more than just kind of cherry-pick a few headlines.

We're also going to be digging more into position battles leading up to Arians Bowl, scheduled for Sunday night in Pittsburgh. Yes, we're going out of our way to make a preseason game seem personal. It's what we do.

Practice just started, what are your thoughts today?