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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Open Thread: Second To Last Day Edition

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Training camp wraps up Friday in Latrobe, and with it, the first phase of the preseason.

After that, they'll prepare in a more regular season mentality, giving everyone full exposure to how things work during the week leading up to a regular season game.

BTSC will be treating it the same way. The news cycle works a little differently during the pre and regular seasons, obviously, but of the consistent features we'll have out each week, we can run a few of them before and after games.

Not that you don't know what to expect, just throwin' it out there. The real story today surrounds the outside linebacker position, the prize jewel of Dick LeBeau's defense. How much time will James Harrison need before his knee is ready to dominate the line of scrimmage? Will Jason Worilds ever see any action? Can Chris Carter show enough to make the Steelers think twice about who the future at OLB is right now?

Can't say these are the most positive or enjoyable questions, but they're the ones surrounding the team right now.

Discuss, because I don't know the answers.