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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Open Thread: Celebrate, It's Over Edition


We went over the highlights of camp, and with that, we launch the last training camp open thread.

It's good, because it also doubles as the Friday Open Thread, which makes its triumphant return as the solo billing act next week. That will be one day before the highly anticipated showdown in Buffalo in more exciting preseason game action.

The cliche "it's the third game, therefore, the starters play" is appropriate right about now. Anything to make it compelling. We certainly can't look at the Browns taking the Packers to the shed last night as anything legitimate.

Can we?

We haven't talked about the replacement officials enough. I watched a bit of the second half of Cleveland's first preseason game against Detroit on replay last night. There was a basic run in which a Browns defender committed perhaps the most blatant facemask penalty I've ever seen, and nary a flag was thrown.

Not gonna lie, that's a concern. We get up-in-arms when James Harrison gets fined for plays on which flags aren't thrown. That one couldn't have been more obvious. I went into it thinking the level of skill between the supposedly top officials in the sport of football and the second-tier group couldn't really be all that much. I guess it remains to be seen.

Anyway, it's Friday, game on Sunday, training camp's over, let's discuss.