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BTSC Appearance on WNDE Radio in Indianapolis 6 p.m. ET Friday

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I'll be joining co-host Derek Schultz on WNDE AM 1260 in Indianapolis at 6 p.m. ET Friday to discuss the upcoming Colts at Steelers game.

You can listen via I Heart Radio by clicking on this link.

Odds are good we'll talk about Bruce Arians. I know how much people enjoy Arians-related discussion. It's an interesting topic, though. I'm really curious to see how rookie QB Andrew Luck looks within the framework of Arians' offense, which, I'm assuming, will look a bit like the Steelers offense looked last season.

Luck certainly looks like a passer who could thrive in that kind of offense, and with the running game in Indianapolis being pretty much up-in-the-air, it will be interesting this year to see how the Colts develop. They're a young team, and expectations probably aren't much for this season, but clearly, they hit rock bottom last year and cleaned house in preparation for the future.

I know it's preseason, but it's the time to work and develop for the future, regardless of where a team is in terms of its peers.