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Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Open Thread: Colts Take 17-14 Lead Into Halftime


Good start, not so great finish to the first half.

On the plus side, WR Antonio Brown had a sensational catch-and-run for a Steelers touchdown. He received help with some great downfield hustle from RB Baron Batch, who did all the intangible things he needed to do to help make this roster. CB Ike Taylor returned an Andrew Luck interception for a touchdown, as the defense, at times, looked dominant.

On the downside, the Steelers allowed 17 consecutive points after jumping ahead to a 14-0 lead early. A few interesting officiating incidents covered up what could have been a much stronger statistical performance from Luck and the surprisingly solid Colts offense.

The second-teamers have their chance now, and it looks like this could be interesting down to the wire, so stick around, share some thoughts. We'll be here all night chatting away, please remember to tip your wait staff and resident writers.