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Jaguars Owner to International NFL Fans: 'You Don't Know the Difference Between the Jaguars and the Steelers'

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It's unclear whether Jaguars owner Shad Khan is aiming to dupe international fans of American football into liking his team.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play four games a year in London beginning in 2013. Khan recently purchased the Jaguars, and has said it is his intention to keep the team in Jacksonville. This latest report, though, suggests there are other ways of having it both ways, because, as Khan points out, according to the AP (as reported by the Shutdown Corner blog)

"The NFL is going to be developing an international fan base. Why shouldn't it be the Jaguars?'' Khan said in December. ''In all honesty, internationally, they don't know the difference between the Jaguars and the Steelers.''

You don't think they'll figure it out after a bit, Mr. Khan? It's not as if they recently packed North Greenwich Arena to watch Tunisia play, but they came out in force when the U.S. hit the hardwood.

I'll admit, it's nice that he used the Steelers in his insult to the international fans he's hoping to court, as opposed to any other franchise, but it really provides insight into the level of respect the Jaguars as a franchise receives from the league.

If anything, opportunistic, London-based promoters and fans will now demand their adjunct franchise play the Steelers the first chance they get.

The Steelers are scheduled to play the AFC South same-place finisher at home in 2013, but lo and behold, they're scheduled to take on the London-Ville Jaguars on the road in 2014.