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'Call Me Maybe' Fad Invades Steelers Training Camp


As bummed as I am we can't embed non-YouTube videos here, fortunately, you only have to hear this awfully catchy song if you choose to on your own accord.

As for the video itself, it's actually well-produced and pretty funny. Kudos to the Steelers' production staff for putting it on. A few of the players look like they may have even heard the song before being asked to lip-sych it on camera.

Certainly, CB Ike Taylor and LaMarr Woodley had, and they probably had the most fun with it. RB Chris Rainey and QB Charlie Batch do a pretty decent job as well.

It's a nice commemoration piece on Steelers Training Camp in 2012, and as cliche as it is to rip off the U.S. Swim Team that did the same thing originally, it's pretty fun to see, with spliced in footage from the retirement ceremony of Joey Porter, Aaron Smith, Willie Parker and Marvel Smith.