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Steelers Preseason Vs. Bills: Friday Open Thread


This differs slightly than your standard pre-game open thread, which we'll run tomorrow right before the game.

This one really doesn't have much of a format to it, other than to cool down at the end of the week. We like to think of it as our virtual BTSC Happy Hour, just with no nachos, random flirtations or, of course, beer.

Thinking right about now a real Happy Hour sounds good.

But that's not the point. The point is, how's Adrian Robinson (ADRRRRRIAN RRRRRRROBINSONNNNN) going to look tomorrow? Story on him going up in the a.m. slot Saturday. We're also going to be watching Mr. Jason Ford, and see if he's worth anything of a future look. I'm sure he wasn't upset the Steelers gave him a call, but of all teams, he had to go with the one loaded at that position, but just injured enough that even if he shined in the preseason games, he'd still have little chance of making the 53.

He's sort of like David Paulson ("His name is Robert Paulson"). Just a really competitive position, but Paulson's nearly a shoo-in for the practice squad. High potential.

Ford? I don't know, that will be tough. Such is life, Mr. Ford. We're rooting for you anyway.

What else is worth a look in the game tomorrow? Sound off.