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Steelers WR Mike Wallace Will Not Report Today

Getty Images

Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly tweeted Monday morning Steelers WR Mike Wallace will not sign his restricted free agency tender today.

It has previously been reported he would do it over this past weekend, or even today.

Wallace had essentially zero chance of playing in Thursday's preseason finale vs. Carolina anyway, and if he doesn't sign today, it essentially means he'll sign tomorrow.

That unofficially means we're one day away from the end of Wallace Watch. Which would be Day Six of the Countdown to the End of Wallace Watch.

Wallace's return will be eagerly anticipated. It's been a very long time since a Steelers player held out for an entire training camp, and Kaboly tweeted later, asking his readers to calm down, insisting Wallace would sign tomorrow.

Such hysteria from Steeler Nation. The more intriguing question is how will fans respond to Wallace if he is successful? How about if he isn't?