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Steelers, UPMC Create 'Don't Hit The Head, Don't Use The Head' Campaign To Prevent Concussions

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The Steelers web site recently posted a section under their Youth Football tab titled, "Play Smart." In it contains links to videos and other general information surrounding concussions as part of their newly formed partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

Their mission seems clear:

"A partnership between the Pittsburgh Steelers and UPMC Sports Medicine was developed to educate football coaches and players on the steps they can take on the field to lessen the chance of head injuries and the importance of seeking the right treatment when injuries do occur."

They summarize this nicely through their catch-phrase, "Don't Hit The Head, Don't Use The Head."

Don't be at all surprised if this isn't the last time you hear that mantra.

Highlighted on the page is a brief video of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin discussing concussions about as much detail as he ever will in a press conference. Perhaps not out of irony, the video turns that segment of the presentation to Dr. Micky Collins.

Dr. Collins goes over the in-depth research UPMC has done on this topic, and it advocates athletes recovering from concussions fully before returning to any kind of activity. UPMC has been at the forefront of concussion research even before the NFL decided to make an issue of it, and this initiative clearly indicates it's clearly the right organization with which to partner if the league wishes to better equip and prepare football's youth.