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AFC North Preview: SB Nation Analysts Split Between Bengals And Steelers For Division Tiitle


SB Nation put together an AFC North Preview video recently featuring Matt Ufford and Brad Wells (editor of Stampede Blue, SB Nation's Indianapolis Colts site) discussing the division that's featured Baltimore and Pittsburgh almost entirely over the past few years.

SB Nation's resident prognosticators, though, are split on whether that trend will continue. According to them, the one thing that is for sure is Baltimore will not repeat as division champions.

Wells picked Pittsburgh to win it, highlighting an "improved offensive line" benefitting an already talented team, and citing Mike Tomlin as "one of the most underrated coaches in the game."

Ufford feels the Steelers will "throw their way into the playoffs," but has a lot of faith in the up-and-coming Bengals.

Both picked Baltimore third, and not surprising, predicted Cleveland will bring up the rear again.

All in all, another great effort by the talent and production people at SB Nation. Watch it and subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube channel for more great video features.