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Roster Cuts Open Thread: A Place To Discuss The 53-Man Roster, and Those Who Didn't Make It


(EDIT: Steelers 2012 Practice Squad Announced)

Ok, lots of activity today, obviously.

The Steelers are dipping back into days of yore, stacking up on running backs (six) and only carrying one more wide receiver (4) than tight end (3).

Who were the big surprises? Who weren't? Should anyone still be here?

Perhaps more to the point, will this be the team the Steelers stick with for the foreseeable future? Depth is becoming an issue, perhaps they're still going to peruse the waiver wire, and still make an additional cut or two. In that case, running back would be a position of gluttony from which they may still extract another pound of flesh.

With OG David DeCastro likely to be placed on IR with designation, one more roster spot will be freed up. Any thoughts as to who that will be?

Lots to go over and discuss, and Week 1 is just a little over one week away, so let's dive into the official last open thread of the preseason.

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