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Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Open Thread: First Half

We've had a great week of thoughts, predictions and even some anger over a long-necked wide receiver.

The waiting ends, and some actual - or its closest regular season counterpart - football awaits us in just a few short minutes.

For those new to Behind The Steel Curtain, our Open Threads run before the first and second halves of each game this year, including the preseason.

You probably guessed that because you're reading this one.

Here's a nice write-up from our friends at Bleeding Green Nation on a few things Eagles fans should watch for, to go along with our own. Here's the Steelers' offense key players, too. Maybe some of you can chime in with some scores or highlights from other games. I heard there were a few others on.

The fact is, we're ready to watch some contact under the lights tonight, and everyone should be excited. Let's talk about what's going on. Who are you watching? What do you expect to see? In what way is it a good idea to create a movie about dudes on mountain bikes tearing around New York City? How could Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly follow up The Dark Knight Rises with something called Premium Rush? That sounds like a brand of cheap cigarettes, let alone the fact it's about, you know, mountain bikes.

Game's on in T-minus 34 minutes...discuss.