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Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Open Thread: Second Half


Rookie Mike Adams pulls a, as us Twins fans say, Nishioka. In Adams' debut, he gives up two sacks and injures himself.

Not calling for his head, just saying he really did not look very solid. Lots of technique flaws.

We allowed ourselves to take a sip or two of Rainey Kool Aid, but clearly drank a bit too much Offensive Line Kool Aid. With Willie Colon not in the lineup tonight, we won't quite know where that unit is after its first live performance, but it had a few problems in the first half.

Todd Haley's offense was pretty dry, boring, uninspiring...and effective. Looking past the fact Roethlisberger was at least pressured every time he dropped back more than three steps, the Steelers didn't challenge Philadelphia deep at all, but did manage an agonizing opening drive that used approximately 42 plays and took 39:12 off the clock. Averaging about 3.1 yards per play by attacking the width of the field the Steelers eeked out a field goal.

The rhythm they got in that first long series, though, led to a very impressive second drive, highlighted by a great David DeCastro block springing Jonathan Dwyer on a long run.

Add in Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie's comically cheap hit on QB Byron Leftwich, the Steelers moved the ball pretty well.

Defensively, Al Woods showed he could run. And he wasn't the only one. The Steelers defensive speed seems quite a bit more robust than it did last year. It seemed like the linebackers were the athletes and the defensive backs were the enforcers. Should be an interesting second half, so stick around, you're watching"Steelers' Night on CSC."