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Week 1 Winners Of Predict The First Offensive Play, Tackle And Touchdown

First Play: Isaac Redman 3 run off right guard.

No one picked "Isaac Redman off right guard for three yards" but a few people came close.

ibygeorge: Redman off right side for two yards.

Riddlah: Redman off the right tackle for 6 yards.

Thomas Crawford: Redman 4 run off right tackle.

Steelgator: Redman 4 yards up the middle

The Herndon Kid: Redmond handoff up the middle for 3 yards

TheHumbleOne: Redman 2 yd. run off right side

But the winner is...

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s1rude: Redman 3 yd run middle/right

First Tackle: Ike Taylor

Dwoods2u: Ike Taylor

Obviously, Dwoods is the only one of us Swaggin'.

First Touchdown: Heath Miller 4 pass from Ben Roethlisberger

Lots of people called for Miller's return to the end zone through a variety of different ways.

bigvink: Heath!!

Michael Hewitt: Big Ben 7 yard touchdown pass to Heath Miller. Play Action.

Romain El 82: PA pass to Heath Miller (4 yards)

ibygeorge: 11 yard pass to Miller.

PaVaSteeler: Ben to Miller TD from inside Redzone

Steelchamps !!: Heath Miller on a seam up the middle.

Thomas Crawford: Heath Miller 11 yard corner pass from Ben Roethlisberger

Fifty-Eight: Miller red zone grab for 6

geertom: Ben rolls out right and hits Heath Miller on a crossing slant route for 9 yards and a TD

And the winner is...

john.eckenrode.3: heath miller 5 yd pass

Congratulations and thanks to all!