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Pick 6 Fantasy Football with BTSC - Week 1 Results & Week 2 Reminder


In case you missed it last week, we've got a simple, fun fantasy game on SB Nation this year called Pick 6 Football.

If you've ever played salary cap football, the basic concept is the same - every player has a price tag that's based on their value/popularity, and you have a total budget that's not nearly enough to fill out your entire roster with top-of-the-line names. As such, you need to make some tough decisions on which headliners you want to bring on, and then go scrounging the bargain bin for potential diamonds in the rough to fill out the rest.

Salary cap football let's you keep players from week to week at the price you originally paid for them - so you can end up with a roster who's net value at a given time might actually exceed your total budget, assuming you invested your money well in players whose value kept increasing. Last year, I picked up Rob Gronkowski and A.J. Green before Week 1 when they were both dirt cheap, and was sitting real pretty for the rest the season. But to get the most out of salary cap football, you really have to play the whole season.

The key difference with SB Nation's Pick 6 is that you have a clean slate each week - which makes it very accessible and easy for you to jump into at literally any point during the season. There's no hassle of having to round up a league before you can start playing.

BTSC had 51 participants in Week 1 and I'm sure we can beat that in Week 2 - just get your picks locked in before 8:00 pm ET tonight and the start of the Bears/Packers game.

This was my roster that was just barely good enough for the top spot on BTSC's leaderboard for Week 1:

Week 1 Winning Roster - barnerburner
POS Player Team Points
QB Matt Ryan ATL 32.5
RB Kevin Smith DET 21.1
WR Brandon Marshall CHI 17.9
TE Coby Fleener IND 8.2
K Alex Henery PHI 5.0
WC Anquan Boldin BAL 12.6

As you can see, your job is to fill out a roster of six players: QB, RB, WR, TE, K, and a wild card spot (RB/WR/TE/K).

For more on the scoring and rules, you can read up on it here. Personally, I think the best feature is negative points for missed field goals. Make an all-Steelers roster at your own risk.

Again, get your Week 2 picks in before 8 pm tonight. Anything after 8 pm tonight will be for Week 3.

And do feel free to take the top spot on our leaderboard - I'm betting I'll make like the Ravens and show that I peaked in Week 1 by cratering in Week 2, so it should be up for grabs.