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NFL Thursday Night Football: Bears Vs. Packers Should Be Offensive Slugfest

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler set the tone earlier this week when he taunted the Packers secondary by wishing them luck.

Good luck to both secondaries. They'll need it.

Judging by the talent and offensive firepower on both sides, it's likely this will turn into a high-scoring affair quickly in Green Bay.

The Packers struggled to stop the 49ers on the ground last week, surrendering 185 yards rushing and missing a slew of tackles in the process. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers couldn't get the ball down field consistently, and was harassed by a dominant San Francisco defense all game.

Chicago, conversely, exploded on Indianapolis, beating the Colts 41-21.

It's strange to see football this early in the week, this early in the season. It won't be long until the Steelers play on Thursday night. Pittsburgh will travel to Tennessee Oct. 11 for their short-week game, looking to take on conference rival Tennessee.

Either way, it's football, we know you're going to be watching, stick around the Curtain, let's talk Steelers football with the backdrop of Packers and Bears.