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Steelers Will Wear Throwback Uniforms In 2012 Team Photo

Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly tweeted Saturday the Steelers plan to wear their throwback uniforms for the 2012 team picture, strongly suggesting they either don't feel the need to keep a copy of the 2012 team photo around, or they haven't sold many of the "imprisoned bumblebee" jerseys, and they're looking for some marketing help.


The uniforms, as somberly modeled by Steelers running back Isaac Redman, have received mixed reviews as far as style and appeal. The Steelers will wear these uniforms against Washington Oct. 28 and against Baltimore Nov. 18. No word has been said whether either the Redskins or Ravens plan to petition the league asking Pittsburgh not to wear them for the sake of the garishly painful glare the jerseys create.

The previous Steelers throwback jerseys were popular, but the team apparently wanted to share a bit of team history from the era in which rugby-style uniforms were a bit more popular.

Or something.