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Steelers Vs. Jets Pregame Notes: Bart Scott, LaRon Landry And If I Was An Official

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A few more random thoughts collected after spending the better apart of the morning cleaning up after a bonfire party last night.

  • Since I get to watch football pretty much all of the next two days, I have to suffer through three or four consecutive America's Next Top Model episodes. If the world was sudden thrust back into the dark ages, and we were lined up according to value provided to the species, models would be the only professionals standing behind sports writers. I guess the producers of this show would be around us somewhere too.
  • Jets linebacker Bart Scott looked B-A-D last week. He was the biggest factor in the Bills' pretty significant rushing total. He can't look that bad again, can he? Strong safety LaRon Landry didn't look much better either. Depending on what the Jets are doing defensively, I would expect to see Heath Miller used often and early in the passing game. Gotta see what they have today.
  • The Steelers may have lost their last two openers, but they haven't lost a Week 2 game since 2002. So we got that goin' for us...
  • Was anyone else super pumped about that fumble recovery last week? I haven't checked but it seems like of the few turnovers we got last year, only one of them came early in the game - Ryan Clark's interception against Arizona. Can we get one of those again today?
  • I think all this talk about the official who was replaced because of his apparent allegiance to the Saints was planted by the officials' union in an effort to show the league they will continue to make them look bad until they pony up for a new deal. I'm not paranoid or anything.
  • It got me thinking, though, if I changed my name ("Angelo Colon" or "Max Power") and became an NFL official, and got assigned a Ravens/Steelers game, I'd be so incredibly bad, they'd have to remove me at halftime. I'd throw flags at Ravens players, taunt the crowd and pick an argument with John Harbaugh just so I could throw him out of the game. I'd try to trip Torrey Smith as he ran by me, refuse to start the game until Joe Flacco shaves his eyebrows and wave a Terrible Towel after the Steelers score. Not sure why I'm thinking of this.
  • As I'm typing this, it's reported that Brandon Weeden threw two interceptions in pregame warm-ups.
  • I feel good for Ryan Mundy today. Not sure why, but I feel good. I think he'll do something. Something positive this time.
  • First play, I'm telling my offense we have faith in your athleticism. Give Ben three seconds to get set to throw, and to give Wallace time to get down the field. We're going deep off play-action.
  • Then I'm telling my defense we have faith in you so if this doesn't work, get ready to get the ball back.
  • Let's get after this today. Both offensively and defensively, let's win the fight. Lost a lot lately, it feels like.