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NFL Early Games Open Thread: Pregame Conversation For Steelers Fans


Early action is on, I got a little behind schedule so I apologize for being late.

Hop on and let's dig into it. As per usual, I'm watching the Vikings, who are in Indianapolis. Looks like the Eagles and Ravens are digging into each other a bit, and Cincinnati and Cleveland are playfully slapping each other.

I'll be on Trib Live Radio at 2:30 p.m. ET, so feel free to tune into that as well.

Also, in case it doesn't come up, Michael Bean will be hosting a moderated post-game analysis chat with myself and Gang Green Nation writer Scott Salmon on Google Hangout, so be sure to listen into that.

Outside of that, let's hear which games you're watching and what's going on, as well as your pregame thoughts on the Steelers' Week 2 game and home opener against the New York Jets.

Should be another great day of football action, so stick around BTSC, we've gotcha covered.