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Steelers Vs. Jets Recap With Gang Green Nation On Google Hangout


Editor Emeritus Michael Bean comes back to Behind The Steel Curtain in the form of game recap moderator between myself and Gang Green Nation editor Scott Salmon, courtesy of Google Hangout.

The three of us got on after the Steelers' rousing 27-10 win over the Jets Sunday to hash out the game, give some thoughts on where our respective teams are and where they're going.

It was really simple to set up and we had some good conversation; enough so we expect to do this in the future. We may even get a few readers involved in another segment like it in the future, so if you want to join Google Hangout, click here to download the app, and stay tuned here for calls for readers to contribute.

As it is, Scott was understandably distraught over the loss, which is understandable, even if your team put up 48 points in Week 1. The Steelers' secondary played very well, and the Jets receivers dropped a few passes they shouldn't have.

Anyway, watch the video and give us your thoughts.