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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Broncos Vs. Falcons

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The Steelers know the Broncos pretty well, so obviously that makes the fans of that team foremost experts.

That being said, we should watch the Falcons tonight, if for no other reason than to familiarize ourselves with a rising power in the NFC. It looks as if Matt Ryan could be the next big passer. Or whatever. We've heard that about a lot of passers recently.

The point is it looks like it'll be a pretty good game, so stick around on BTSC, talk some football, some smack, wait for a few random GIFs we plan on unveiling and maybe some other stuff if we can think of it. I can't substitute chips and beer but maybe we can all mute the inevitable 46 GEICO commercials we'll see, kick back and BS.

Join in!

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