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5 Burning Questions: Steelers Week 2 Second Opinion Edition

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The Steelers rebounded in this week with a rousing 27-10 victory over the New York Jets and now they prepare to tto face off against their historic rivals, the Oakland Raiders.

To get us into the proper mind set, here is your week two "Second Opinion Edition" of BTSC's 5 Burning Questions on the Steelers.

1. Does Peyton Manning's performance against Atlanta give you any reason to reconsider the Steelers defense's performance against him in week 1?

2. Ryan Clark's return gave Steelers Nation a sight for sore eyes. What does the overall performance of the secondary tell you about both Ryan Clark as an individual and his value to the defense as a whole?

3. Going back to last January's Tebowing in Denver, Ryan Mundy has now made three straight starts for the Steelers. Evaluate his development as a player and how much more of an upside does he have, if any?

4. Al Davis role as a Steelers nemesis personified the Pittsburgh-Oakland rivalry to such a great extent that Jim O'Brien once quoted Dan Rooney as calling Davis a "lying creep." Sunday brings the first Steelers-Raiders game since Davis' death. Does his absence change the Steelers-Raiders rivalry for you?

5. For five generations, Ed and Steve Sabol of NFL Films told the story of NFL. Steve Sabol passed away yesterday. He was one of the select few who never strapped on the pads or picked up a clipboard that can say he helped build the National Football League into America's biggest brand names. Did NFL Films help cultivate your love of the game and/or the Steelers? If so, share some memories.