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Week 3 NFL Predictions: 'Smooth' Jimmy Apollo Weighs In On Week 3

Sep 16, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers running back Isaac Redman (33) runs out of the tunnel before the game against the New York Jets at Heinz Field. The Steelers won the game, 27-10. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE
Sep 16, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers running back Isaac Redman (33) runs out of the tunnel before the game against the New York Jets at Heinz Field. The Steelers won the game, 27-10. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

Is there a "best team in the NFL" right now? Smooth Jimmy Apollo says no, not quite yet. There are definitely teams playing well, and there are teams that probably have underachieved so far.

Smooth Jimmy's still backing the 49ers in the NFC, and thinks neither the Steelers nor the Ravens have found an identity on either side of the ball yet. The Packers will face much tougher competition in Seattle than cheeseheads think they will and Kansas City? Ehh...picking them to lose isn't a terrible idea.

On to the picks...

Here are NFL Editor Joel Thorman's picks for SB Nation.

Giants at Carolina - Tom Coughlin can be certain of not complaining about getting assaulted trying to kneel out a game this week. In fact, it's what Cam Newton's going to do to his defense while running that will make him the most upset. Panthers 31, Giants 23

St. Louis at Chicago - I almost want to see the Bears lose just to see if Stadium Police apprehend Jay Cutler and try him on the spot for Crimes Against The Windy City. How dare a quarterback call out his offensive line for protection akin to the Canadian Border Police. Rams 27, Bears 23

Buffalo at Cleveland - Smooth Jimmy shredded Brandon Weeden last week, and Weeden responded with a halfway decent game. So Smooth Jimmy is going to tell you Weeden looked really sharp in Cleveland's loss to the Bengals. Good decision-making, not at all like the complete disaster he looked like in Week 1. Buffalo 24, Cleveland 20

Tampa Bay at Dallas - Is Tony Romo faster than his bandwagon jumpers? Smooth Jimmy doesn't think so. He'll ball this week, though. Cowboys 30, Bucs 17

Jets at Miami - The Steelers forced Mark Sanchez into a 10-for-27 performance in Week 2, and if he was playing anyone other than Miami this week, Smooth Jimmy would worry about him on the road. Jets 21, Dolphins 13

San Francisco at Minnesota - If this isn't a two-score 49ers win, the season is officially going to be the most bizarre ever. The Vikings won't throw the ball deep, and will probably surrender 180 yards rushing. 49ers 31, Vikings 13

Kansas City at New Orleans - This game has two teams desperate to avoid 0-3, and two teams who deserve to be 0-2. The Saints defense has been miserable, but only a little less miserable than Kansas City's. Goin' with the home team...Saints 34, Chiefs 27

Cincinnati at Washington - Robert Griffin III trounces all over a floundering Bengals defense...but Washington's defense is so decimated by injuries, Roadhouse will throw all over the Redskins. Bengals 28, Redskins 19

Detroit at Tennessee - So hard to gauge either of these teams. It's humorous how badly the Titans are running the ball, but it's not like teams need much to score on the Lions. Smooth Jimmy says 'when in doubt, bet on Calvin Johnson.' Lions 38, Titans 20

Jacksonville at Indianapolis - The Jaguars picked the worst quarterback possible in 2011, but won just enough to finish out of the money for two really good ones. Now who are they gong to gun for? Matt Barkley? Ouch. Colts 20, Jaguars 10

Philadelphia at Arizona - The Cardinals...Smooth Jimmy's ripped them twice, and they managed to compete in both of those games. They beat the Patriots on the road. It's very tempting to call the Eagles' big win over the Ravens exhibit A for a let-down game (very physical, very emotional, sloppy in many ways), but...Smooth Jimmy is not buying the Cardinals yet. Eagles 24, Cardinals 20.

Atlanta at San Diego - Lots of passing gonna happen in this one...Atlanta will throw, throw and throw some more, then hopefully, call, call and call cabs for rides home. Falcons 38, Chargers 31

Houston at Denver - Shhhh...ya hear that? Are those grumbles about Peyton Manning's ability after getting worked over by Houston? Just wait until Sunday. Texans 27, Broncos 17

Pittsburgh at Oakland - If we have been worried about the officiating in the league to this point, it's going to be headline news after this game. The actual officials barely controlled these teams when they played in 2010, and something tells Smooth Jimmy Richard Seymour will remember the last game. Steelers 24, Raiders 23

New England at Baltimore - Smooth Jimmy's laughing at how crazy people think Arizona's win over the Patriots was. It wasn't. New England isn't a dominant team right now. Smooth Jimmy will expect the Pats to right the ship over the second half of the year, but it won't be at Baltimore. Ravens 41, Patriots 21

Green Bay at Seattle - No, Smooth Jimmy doesn't buy the Russell Wilson Hype. He does buy the fact the Seahawks play 10 times better at home than on the road, and since it's the first time the Packers actually are forced to play a difficult opponent in a prime time game on the road, the Seahawks are taking advantage of it. Seattle 26, Packers 23.