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Week 3 Early Games Open Thread: Action Before Steelers Vs. Raiders


Steelers on a later game for the third time in three weeks...the Early Game Open Thread is getting some serious play here.

We are going to use it as a chance to promote our world famous Facebook page and Twitter account. Both are chock-full of both snippets of the stuff we post on the regular site as well as observations and insights during the games.

You should definitely follow both of them, and add your own opinions in Behind The Steel Curtain's ever-growing network of internet and social media dominance.

Anyway...I've got the Vikings/49ers game, so I get to indulge my guilty pleasure of watching San Francisco's defense while relaxing in complete and total gluttony. I'll be weighing in here as well, so join me and let me know what games you're seeing and who's doing what.

Here's to Week 3 and some pregame Steelers/Raiders festivities. Let us know what's good, SteelerNation.