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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Packers Vs. Seahawks

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It's a battle in the NFC between the perceived champs and the upstarts.

Seattle's defense (coached by former NDSU coach Casey "Gus" Bradley) trots a rising power out on the field against a Packers offense that hasn't quite gotten into gear yet. It'll be a tough place for Green Bay to unleash that offense, but it's hard to see them get contained for three straight games.

This is a particularly special Open Thread, for reasons we'll share with you tomorrow, but in the meantime, kick back, get a drink of the adult or soft variety, maybe chomp on some chips and talk know.

We'll get back to the Steelers coverage tomorrow, including Behind The Steel GIFs. Here's a hint, certain nose tackles play separately but when they play together, it's pretty nice.

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