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5 Burning Questions As the Steelers Begin Their Bye Week

Answer 5 Burning Questions that the Pittsburgh Steelers face as Steelers Nation heads into the bye week.

Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

One win in their first three games is certainly not where Steelers Nation wanted the Black and Gold to be, but it is where we are unfortuantely. Let's take a moment to consider 5 Burning Questions Facing the Steelers as they head into the bye week.

1. In three games Heath Miller has equaled his touchdown total from the past two seasons, combined. And as Neal's GIF's reveal, he's made it look easy. I ask, as a self-professed Arians Agnostic, "Why wasn't Miller targeted in the Red Zone like this before?"

2. Todd Haley's offense has been a tremendous success. How much, if any, should our enthusiasm be tempered by the running game's ineptitude?

3. Each of the Steelers 3 sub units on the defense has been "Below the Line." Which do you think has a real shot at improvement, and which do you think is as good as they're going to get?

4. The NFL is now a "Quarterback's League" where we're told strong defense and a solid running game are merely "Nice to have" when it comes to winning. If that's the case, then why are teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and perhaps Green Bay Packers all in the 1-2 club?

5. Carson Palmer mentioned that his familiarity with the Steelers defense helped him greatly. The results speak for themselves. Did Dick LeBeau do enough to account for that, and if not what could he have done differently?