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Warning: Article Laughs At Those Warning Us About Fake Roethlisberger News

ATTENTION: Immediately report fake internet news to your local Twitter account and web site.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

Granted, the story about Ben Roethlisberger breaking both of his legs in a car accident wasn't believable from the first time "B" was typed on the perpetrator's screen, and this column only gives the hoaxer what s/he wants; attention.

It's worth calling out morons, though, and oftentimes with these kinds of things, the morons are both those pulling the joke and those who sniff the joke out and make sure to tell everyone to "beware of fake story" via Twitter. As if we still are in fear of stepping in this story or slipping on it in the dark, they write articles "warning" fans Roethlisberger did not, in fact, break his legs.

While the Steelers were at practice. Ahem.

We should all be so lucky to be protected by the great janitorial gatekeepers for pointing out "real" news, particularly when the fake news contains a disclaimer shouting "WARNING! ARTICLE IS 100 PERCENT FAKE!" at the bottom of it.

Shame on those who just read headlines and Twitter...given to everyone by the same sites that exist on nothing more than headlines and Twitter.

As for the prankster out there in Cyberland, did ya really go with two legs? It's not like you're ordering lunch at KFC here. May as well have mixed in a (bruised) thigh and a hot wing.

Bye weeks. Gotta love 'em.