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Week 4 NFL Predictions: 'Smooth' Jimmy Apollo Weighs In On Week 4

Smooth Jimmy Apollo came along with the re-design, and he's making his Week 4 NFL picks.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes. 'Smooth' Jimmy Apollo did make the switch to the new design.

And he's back to make some more picks in this wacky, road-savaged and now replacement ref free NFL.

Baltimore 37, Cleveland 13

The Ravens get three prime time home games out of their first four to start the season. Home teams are 8-2 this year on prime time. They'll whine louder than anyone when it comes to officials though.

Atlanta 27, Carolins 24

Carolina responds to a bum week and a cartoon, Atlanta returns to normal, like the rest of the league has. But the Falcons still win.

New England 31, Buffalo 16

The Patriots never seem to look all that good when they're in their white jerseys with that extremely loud green turf at Ralph Wilson Stadium. They gotta be extra pissed after last week's Lillith Fair of a game.

Detroit 29, Minnesota 17

Don't sleep on this Vikings team. But feel free to take a nap this week when we see them unable to carry the momentum from the upset of the season so far in Week 3.

Kansas City 23, San Diego 20

The Chiefs will continue that up-and-down roller coaster they've had over the last decade or so, and this is an up week for them.

St. Louis 14, Seattle 10

Russell Wilson on the road? Don't care who he's playing, how tall he is, how much heart he has or what defense is on the other side of the field. Cortland Finnegan covering Golden Tate is gonna be fun, though.

San Francisco 17, Jets 9

The Jets without Revis are like an average team without its best player. They're really a lot like that, actually.

Houston 20, Tennessee 16

Tennessee's gonna shock the best in the AFC...for 3.5 quarters.

Cincinnati 31, Jacksonville 17

Blaine Gabbert will again prove himself to be the worst quarterback ever born until a defense forgets to cover Cecil Shorts when Gabbert's passing yards double on a deep pass at the end of the game.

Arizona 16, Miami 13

Crazy...who would have thought this game would have actually mattered? Week 3 always seems to be the turnaround point for new coaches. But it's Week 4. And the Steelers West are alive and spunky.

Denver 20, Oakland 16

The two teams to beat the Steelers this year do battle...and the home team wins. Like most teams in the AFC West will do this season.

Green Bay 38, New Orleans 17

Thank you, NFL, for giving the Packers all the "Us Against The World" incentive they'll need this season. Anyone else seeing them losing more than one game the rest of the regular season?.

Washington 26, Tampa Bay 10

Smooth Jimmy feels nothing from this Tampa Bay team. Josh Freeman plays like he just ate a Chipotle burrito and drank three beers in a warm room before hitting the field.

Philadelphia 24, Giants 23

These teams may, in fact, kill each other. The Eagles' early season couldn't be more up and down, and the Philadelphia fans won't let the Eagles lose this game. Literally. They will charge the field and start cutting if they lose.

Bears 27, Dallas 21

It's been too long since a Romo Meltdown. It's been too long since Cutler bought his offensive linemen Corvettes to get them back in his good graces.