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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Browns at Ravens

Larry French - Getty Images

Anyone else getting a little tired of seeing the Ravens on national TV?

Not only have three of their first four games been in primetime, but they've all been home games to boot. Kind of funky scheduling, eh? Or is it weirder that we'll play them twice in three weeks this year?

At least we'll finally get to see the real refs back in action after the ridiculous lockout. Tonight's 7-man crew will be:

  • Gene Steratore - Referee - 10 seasons of experience (including 2012)
  • Bill Schuster - Umpire - 13 seasons
  • Wayne Mackie - Head Linesman - 6 seasons
  • Jeff Seeman - Line Judge - 11 seasons
  • Bob Waggoner - Field Judge - 16 seasons
  • Jimmy DeBell - Side Judge - 4 seasons
  • Greg Steed - Back Judge - 10 seasons

This might be a BTSC first - actually naming the full officiating crew for a game. And how many years of experience they have. There's been no reason to before, and I doubt there will ever be reason to again.

Might as well enjoy a one-off opportunity when it presents itself.