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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Browns Vs. Ravens

Ravens take on Cleveland on Thursday Night Football

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Welcome to NFL Football, sponsored by the Baltimore Ravens (in partnership with Ray Lewis Enterprises).

Tonight, the NFL is proud to throw some originality at you, having Baltimore play on Thursday night instead of Monday night or Sunday night. They're still in Baltimore, so don't worry about that.

Since they have to play in a short week, we're throwing the Cleveland Lambs Browns at them so you can be sure there will be plenty of "Joe Flacco is elite!" segues, along with several reasons why no one should worry about the Ravens' 26th ranked rushing defense. And of course, plenty of video of Lewis screaming like a maniac (but none of those clips where he gets fried is coverage).

It's almost game time, and I know this because I can see Deion Sanders kissing the ass of this week's Home Player We Want To Focus On (Flacco).

Add in a totally unpainful and cool opening song and the worst pregame show in all of sports, we have Thursday Night Football.

Let's get after it!