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BTSC's Monday Afternoon Gig With ESPN Radio In Selinsgrove, Pa.

BTSC's weekly radio spot recorded Sept. 24.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Behind The Steel Curtain's weekly radio spot with with The Hoss Todd Steward on ESPN Radio 92.3 FM in Selinsgrove, Pa., was recorded Monday, recapping the Raiders game.

Steward is goodly enough to have me on each Monday at 3:45ish p.m. ET (listen live with this link). I got to do this one while he was at a local mall doing an on-site promotion. So that was cool.

We discuss Sunday's loss at Oakland, and what the Steelers can expect after the bye week. With Philadelphia, Tennessee and Cincinnati coming up - the Titans and Bengals games are both prime time road games, which are never easy - the Steelers enter a real make-or-break point in their season.

Will they have James Harrison and Troy Polamalu back for that? Is the Steelers running game fixable? And how well is Ben Roethlisberger playing in comparison to the rest of the league?

We'll dig into all of those on the site in the coming days, but for now, here's the recording.

Behind The Steel Curtain Neal Coolong ESPN Radio_9.24.12