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Friday Happy Hour Open Thread: Chatting Away The Bye Weekend

Open Thread...GO!

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bye Weekend! Get out of your desks, east coasters, and those on the west side...well, we'll save a spot for you. Use some PTO and get out of there.

We're gonna be here talking about everything, anything and most especially, nothing. I'm looking for a few brave souls with the willingness and access to Google Hangout for a double-secret BTSC project that involves, you guessed it, Google Hangout.

Any volunteers? Lemme know.

As it is, it's quiet up at school, all the teachers are working on their lesson plans and the kids are out raising hell somewhere.

Except for Wes Saunders, who apparently isn't aware NFL players get suspended for four GAMES, not weeks. No shortcuts, Wes, sorry guy. Pretty sure the league thought about that ahead of time.

Who is your agent, anyway? How did you not know when you'd be back? Is he the same guy who was responsible for getting your medication filled, and making sure the league was aware of it?

I'm free, Wes, if you'd like some representation.

Open thread, let's get it on.