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David DeCastro Seen Walking Without A Limp

Pro Football Talk editor Mike Florio spots Steelers guard David DeCastro in attendance at West Virginia's game Saturday, walking without difficulty.

Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was in Morgantown, W.Va., Saturday watching Geno Smith kickstart the "Blow For Geno" campaign among the basement dwellers of the NFL, he noticed something interesting.

Steelers rookie guard David DeCastro, in attendance with former Stanford teammate Andrew Luck, and at one point, walking briskly.


DeCastro was placed on injured-reserve with designation, meaning he's eligible to return after Week 8 of the regular season. And with a running game struggling to even gain the line of scrimmage, he could be put to good use.

The question would be how long after returning to the team he'd be able to play, and whether he'd be the Steelers' starter. Ramon Foster has held down the position to varying results, but he's simply not as athletic as DeCastro is.

Giving the Steelers that level of dimension - i.e. the ability to pull in either direction from either guard position from most any formation - could help create misdirection and trap success.

Then again, if I was an alumnus of West Virginia, and I was watching the Mountaineers defeat Baylor 70-63, I may have had a few beverages and figured just about everyone was moving briskly.