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5 Burning Questions to Open the Steelers 2012 Season


We have exited the void!

The off season is over and the NFL regular season is upon us. It's been an eventful seven months for the Pittsburgh Steelers and SteelersNation all of which brings us to 5 Burning Questions to open the regular season.

1. Steelers have resumed talks with Mike Wallace. If Pittsburgh does re-sign Mike Wallace, it all but guarantees that Brett Keisel, James Harrison or another prized veteran will be cut to clear cap room. Which player(s) are you willing to part ways with to secure Wallace's future in Pittsburgh?

2. Rashard Mendenhall. Casey Hampton. Max Starks. David Johnson. David DeCastro. Sean Spence. The Steelers are averaging one season-ending (or near season ending) kneed injury per game. Do you think this is a case of the football gods simply not favoring their fate, or do you think their might be a flaw in the Steelers training methods?

3. Both Steelers fans and Steelers insiders have long mocked the "West Coast offense" as ‘chink and dink.' Yet from what we saw in preseason, Todd Haley's offense emphasizes short, high-percentage passes to a much greater degree than any of his predecessors. Now... be honest, if the Steelers are successful but Haley's offense is some what West Coastish, will some part of you be bothered?

4. Lost in the surprise over Mike Tomlin's firing of Al Everest was this trivia bit: From Jon Kolb to George Stewart through to Bob Ligashesky to Al Everest, the Steelers have alternated between good special teams coaches and (very) bad ones. Do you think Amos Jones can break the pattern and why?

5. Our beloved site founder Michael Bean, has gone on the record numerous times suggesting that the Steelers Super Bowl window would stay open from about 2010 to 2012. Given the age and composition of this roster, do you agree or disagree that it's now or never time for the Steelers?

There you go folks. Now is the time to let out all of those pent-up off-season frustrations.