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NFL Kickoff Open Thread: Cowboys 7, Giants 3 Start of 3rd Quarter

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We've already seen Hines on the big screen, joining the rest of the world in calling out Cowboys QB Tony Romo. I'm sure Twitter is blowing up.

Will we see true beast Jason Pierre-Paul continue his savagery over the NFC East? Will we see Jerry Jones look closer and closer in age to the late Al Davis? My money's on both of those things happening by halftime.

The home team hasn't lost the kickoff classic since...well, it hasn't lost the kickoff classic. There's plenty of reason to think this year won't be any different.

And for the people locking into those predictions, I give you OLB Demarcus Ware. A pure difference maker like no other in the NFL. The Giants offensive line could be shaky this season, and Ware's not the guy they want to see across from them.

Oh hey, the Steelers play both of these teams this year, and in case you've never found the time to visit their fine SB Nation sites, I encourage you to go sign up now so you can fully experience info on the opponent when those games arrive. The Giants (editor Ed Valentine) are on Big Blue View, and the Cowboys (editor Dave Halprin) are on Blogging The Boys.

Stick around here, though, because as I said, we're playing both of these teams, and it'll be fun to watch them now in wake of when they have the misfortune of playing the Steelers.