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Steelers Ike Taylor Goes After ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

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Any comments made by Steelers CB Ike Taylor about not thinking about last year's loss at Denver, in which he played "his worst game as a pro," can officially be tossed out.

It seems he's taking it very personally.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith took Taylor to the shed on ESPN's First Take Friday, saying among other things, "I didn't know he was allowed back in the NFL after the way he performed against the Denver Broncos. A banishment is a worthy consideration."

Taylor fired back a multi-tweet response that indicates fairly clearly Taylor didn't appreciate what Smith said.

Taylor's own words confirmed he agreed with at least the spirit of what Smith was saying. He didn't play well.

However, to suggest he shouldn't respond to statements as melodramatic and inflammatory garbage like Smith spews on a daily basis isn't particularly realistic. If nothing else, it shows Taylor has pride in his game and his ability, and anyone who doesn't think he has the right to be bothered by it isn't thinking clearly.

In the end, if it serves as motivation for Taylor to go out and cast out some demons, then good for him. If Smith continues to talk after the game, and Taylor runs into him, then I'll enjoy writing about Smith's condition as updates get released from the medical center he'd be visiting.