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Early Games Open Thread For Steelers Fans: Who Are You Watching?

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Steelers fans get to kick back and watch how the other half lives, so to speak.

I'm watching the Vikings/Jaguars game on FOX, truly a battle for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. I got the Vikings winning the game, and the Jaguars winning the war.

I unpacked the Jaguars' equipment at the Metrodome last night, which was an adventure in and of itself. Some things I really can't write about, but a few of the main things I took away.

The locker rooms are plastered with placards regarding concussions, the personal conduct policy, illegal supplements and things of that nature. It's absolutely impossible to suggest any player isn't aware of any of those rules.

The Jaguars' equipment staff consisted of one man who was probably in his mid-40s, and about 10 guys who couldn't have been older than 24.

I'll share more later, I was just looking to set the stage here. Stick around, we're going to talk Steelers/Broncos football here on this glorious of glory days - the start of the football season.