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Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Week 1 First Half Open Thread


"The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football Week 1 of the NFL season."

I remember reading that line a few months ago, and thinking, "wow, that's a long time from now."

Until this afternoon, it still felt like it was a long way off. Questions will begin to be answered tonight. Plays will be made tonight. Yells will be heard and beers will probably be consumed tonight.

Hopefully, you leave a few comments as well as your opinions on the answers to those questions here in our famous game day thread. Another one will be posted at the start of the second half, and we'll have any in-game news posted right away. Check back after the game for our immediate analysis and opinion.

As always, root hard for the Steelers, but be mindful of your language and take out any personal insults or attacks on other members. Enjoy the game, and go Steelers!