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Pittsburgh Steelers At Denver Broncos Week 1 Second Half Open Thread


Obviously the score is the most important stat - the Steelers took a 10-7 lead over Denver with a Roethlisbergerean no-huddle drive complete with big plays by Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.

One significant problem is in the 15 rushes for 31 yards. There's no "they aren't revealing all their plays in the preseason" to lean on. The Steelers are not getting the job done in the running game.

The good news is the commitment to the run despite the lack of success. Save a Mike Wallace hold, RB Jonathan Dwyer had a great run that probably would have gone for 10 yards or so. The Steelers are going to continue to pound away at a resilient Broncos front seven.

But they're going to need to involve WR Mike Wallace, who has yet to catch a pass on two targets. Clearly in the no-huddle, the passing game was a bit more open, and they may try to catch the Broncos in an advantageous defense in the second half.

Defensively, the Steelers have looked very strong, short of a Peyton Manning-led no-huddle of his own. LB Larry Foote in particular has had a solid game so far.

It looks like this one is going to go down to the wire.